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It's time to Ride the Waves with Ocean Academy DR!



My name is Luciano, I’m a professional water sports athlete.  Years ago, in the earliest days of kitesurfing, I was sponsored by Redbull on the international team of riders and 4 time winner of Master of the Ocean.  

Today i have my own mobile school located anywhere in the Dominican Republic where the conditions are good and safe to sur, kitesurf or stand up paddle.

Join me in a surf trip

To the best spots of the island!

Let's go on an adventure togheter

Surf Lessons

Group lesson $50 per person.
Semi private $140 for two person.
Private $100 
Each class take 1:30 min.
Ask for our 5 days coaching program.

Kitesurf Lessons

Kite lesson One and one

$100 per hour.
Downwinders tour also available.

Stand Up Paddle

Sup tour on the river:
$70 per person.

Community mission: Support us to have clean ocean from plastics, and help our kids get education.


•Support us to have clean ocean from plastics.  We don’t want to safe out ocean but make you awareness of the problem we are all into.

•Help kids to find their true potential with our program. We make sure the kids receive  exchange  grades at school for sports to provide them  strong minds and courageous hearts. We develop fun and meaningful education together which in turn creates motivación in our youth. 

If you would like to support us please click here.( PayPal link) $5 can make a big difference. 
Charity sponsor program please contact us.

From every  sale we do we help to contribute our peace of sand to set up a better world.

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